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Educating Counterfeit Products

Known for its comfort, excellent quality and outstanding products, Flying Eagle products have been sold in more than 50 countries, and steadily increasing every year.

However, due to its roaring popularity, it also drew an amount of increasing cases of counterfeit Flying Eagle products sold by other unauthorized companies and channels. Some of the products are mostly replicas of the original products, where quality has been severely compromised. Our legal team has been made aware of this problem, thus we strongly recommend our customers not to purchase from any other sites and channels but EagleSkates.


In order to fight counterfeit Flying Eagle products, an official authentication system is available to allow anyone to check their purchases against it. Currently, all Flying Eagle products (except FB5S models) have unique authentication codes that you can check. To verify the authentication code, first scratch off the grey area of the official sticker, which you can find it attached on the front strap of the left rollerblade. Then visit the following link:


As the system is currently in its native language, you can first use your browser’s in-built tool to translate the page. We recommend using Chrome browser. Simply enter the code in the input field, then click on the blue button for the system to check. The results will then be displayed. Please note that you should perform this authentication check once, as repeated searches can implicate it being a potential counterfeit product. This is to ensure that all original products carry unique authentication codes that can never be reused.


Quality is over everything. By purchasing the original products from EagleSkates, you can avoid unnecessary headaches of inferior product performance and quality. Most of all, skating products should always be safe to use due to the fast nature of the sport so quality have to always be on point.




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