Why do we need to wear skate safety gear when we skate?

There is nothing worse than leaving the street or park before planned covered in bruises and road rash. No matter if you are an aggressive rider that likes to shred every obstacle or a just into cruising around, you always want to wear the proper skate protection.

Sixty percent of all skate-related injuries involve children under age 15. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure, that kids are using skate protection equipment while skating, roller skating or playing derby.

Skating protective gear takes you to the next level

Skate protection gives you the opportunity to move outside your comfort zone without risking to face serious injuries. And this will happen many times when you, for example, try to land a new trick or you just simply push it to go faster.
Wearing skating protective gear will give you an ease of mind and a big confidence boost which will even further increase the chances of being successful in your sport.

Besides wearing skate protection, you should always evaluate the risk factors first and it is also always a good idea to do a little warm up.