Types Of Inline Skate: What's So Trendy About Inline Skate That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

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Do you think that inline skates are the same as roller skates, and the only difference is the positioning of wheels setup? That's not true, inline skates come in various types, and each specific type caters to its own purpose. Most people used inline skates for speed skating, but inline skates also use for other purposes as well. This detailed article entails every inch of information about types of inline skates.


1. An Overview Of Inline Skate:


They have two to five wheels arranged periodically in a line or confined frame. These skates have an inline wheel arrangement, which is pre-set to provide more control and speeding ability to the rider. These are best for outdoor skating.

As we have explained earlier that skating is not reserved for recreational or fun activities only. People also pursue skating to set trends, fitness, speed racing, dancing, slalom styling and so on. Be it three-wheel or five wheel rollerblades; they serve various skating purposes for different skaters. Here are some of the most common skating styles with complimenting inline rollerblade types. Let's find out which inline rollerblade may suit the skater's purpose perfectly!


2. Types Of Inline Skates:


  • Recreational Inline Skates:

These inline skates are one of the most common and widely used skates. Fitness Inline skates are best suitable for people who choose skating for fitness or recreational activities purposes. These skates tend to provide utmost comfort, control, and air ventilation in shoes while gliding.  

Recreational inline skates are used for basic fitness purposes or a quick trip around the neighborhood. If you are not looking for a specific skate type, a recreational skate could easily cater to all your need.

Simply, you strap on and start gliding smoothly without any hassle because recreational skates are convent, simple and easy to control.

Recreational skates come in a variety of models from several manufacturers and for all level skaters. Usually, Recreational skates come on soft boot construction.

Recreational skates typically feature 80mm wheels with 78A durometer. Some wheels are even softer. These soft wheels are often abused for t-stops and wear very quickly.

They are made with reinforced mesh and cloth with hard plastic cuffs in the back for support. Soft boot material makes inline skate lighter and breathable.

Inline skates come with different closure systems such as power-assisted (quick lace), ratchet buckles, standard lacing. You can opt according to your preference.


  • Fitness Inline Skates

Fitness inline skates are designed for those who want to use skating as a workout. Modern inline skates are designed to provide fitness training for ice hockey players.

Fitness inline skates require more balance, which will give you a better workout. In short, you can say fitness skates are basically high-performance recreational skates.

Fitness and recreational skates are similar in every aspect, and people tend to use them for long-distance. The only difference between fitness and recreational skate is wheel size, bearings and overall weight. Fitness skate comes with faster bearings and large wheels to cover long distances.

Also, fitness inline skates are lower in weight and have liner construction. Due to better air circulation, fitness skate boot is more comfortable.

When it comes to the benefits, fitness inline skate provides numerous advantages.

 When you understand why it is an ultimate exercise for your body and brain, you will likely roll the whole day. It's like a little gym, so you can exercise anytime, anywhere, and probably year-round.

Rollerblading provides the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, so you will get the benefits soon if you are a regular skater.


  • Roller Hockey Inline Skates

Roller hockey is one of the famous sports for people of all ages. People like this fast-paced and high-energy game because it doesn't require too much equipment compared to ice hockey.


You can easily found a roller hockey league in your area. The design of roller hockey and ice hockey skates are very similar. Roller hockey inline skate is made with reinforced leather and stitching, with carbon fiber or plastic boot.

There is significantly less difference between roller hockey and ice hockey inline skate, so the fit and feel of roller hockey inline skate are seamless to ice hockey players. They are lower in weight and provide high performance.

Hockey skates typically are a Hi-lo 80-72/76mm configuration with durometer usually starting at 84A. Hi-lo means they have two smaller wheels in the front for more agility.


  • Racing Inline Skates

For the skaters seeking adventure in racing, speeding, or intensive training to improve the skating performance standard, speed inline skates are the green signal to go on!

These skates are optimized to use frequently and take on the heavy-duty load. These rollerblades are designed with a prolonged frame having a fixed high-ankle shoe that is supported or rode by five wheels. The inline roller skates are best suitable for experienced skaters or professionals.

Speed skating more commonly referred to as race wheeling or skating, is all about the fastest speed driven performance with sharp turns. It requires the skaters to be very precise in selecting specialized outdoor inline speed skates wheel options, which may help to minimize the road resistance during high-speed skating.  

For this reason, three-wheel indoor inline speed skates designed and optimized with 100-125mm wheel settings work best for speed skaters. Some options like a 90mm wheel setup in tri-skates are also available to help out children or beginners. Not only wheel size but hardness of these type of skates are fine-tuned customized to adjust different surface conditions.

Wheels used in speed skates are typically harder as well, unless configured for indoor skating. Size matters in this game and 110mm wheels are readily available.


  • Urban Skates/Street Skates

Street skating or urban skating style may look retro and cool but serves the basic purpose of fitness, fun and transportation by hitting up the roads. It requires the skaters to be very specific about their rollerblade wheel size and framework, considering the rough street or surface conditions. Moreover, the skater needs to be prompt in making quick movements and turns when it comes to urban environment or street crowd.

To cater the street style skating requirements, four-wheel outdoor inline roller skates may serve the right purpose with the correct wheel frame choice. All the skaters have to do is upgrade to wheel size ranging upto 76-125mm setup with approx. 82A wheels hardness to withhold every street skating hassles.  


  • Freestyle Skating

Freestyle inline skates are designed to have small wheels with closer placement or attachments. These skates are appropriate for freestyle skating, which may include gliding over a straight line or equally spaced objects. Considering the type of people who should opt for these skates may include advance or intermediate skaters who can overcome any riding obstacle on different surfaces.


  • Aggressive Skating

Be the one who loves to perform tricks or have an adrenaline rush to rollerblade on the streets. Aggressive inline skates are the ones for you! The skaters having a thrilling interest in street skating, obstacle jumping, or skating in the park opt for these rollerblades. Mainly considering the bounty features of control, safety measures, and speed, these roller skates are heavy duty. They are designed to take on the extreme load while jumping over the obstacles, grants, or slides.

Another beneficial pros of this inline skate are the UFS (universal frame system) compatibility benefit. It allows the skater to purchase any skate accessories or parts from different manufacturers.


3. Wrap up:


In the world of fast movers, if you tend to live your life and enjoy every moment, then you know the worth of inline skates. For speed skating lovers, inline skates are more valuable than old school classic quad wheel roller skates.

Where inline skates give adults and champion the chance to cover huge distances or modern art forms in professional styles. On the other hand, inline skates are more suitable and valuable for beginners and people who wish to enjoy skating sport.

Now that you are well aware that inline skate does not only come as a 3 or 5 wheel skate; instead, it has different types. You can choose the type of inline skates as per your preferences, moods, needs, and skating style. From speeding to fitness or recreation, inline skates are available wide to make a perfect decision while buying a skate.