Is Inline Skating a Good Workout?

Fitness and health consciousness are developing trends globally. Our sedentary lifestyle has developed health and mental issues in today’s generations. People are developing stress and depression problem, even we find kids with stress issues. Health issues are even more prevailing. Diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, etc are all results of an unhealthy lifestyle.

People are gravitating towards workout and exercises to manage their health and fitness. One rising trend in the fitness arena is skating. Fitness skating has proved to be an effective workout for fitness, weight loss, and maintaining body shape.

Benefits of Roller Skating Exercise

Roller skating workout keeps you fit both physically and mentally. Your blood flow increases as you skate. This increased blood flow refreshes your mind and helps your body to develop strength and stamina. Let us see the benefits of inline skating individually.

1. Full-Body Workout

Fitness Skating is a full-body workout. You balance your upper body with a forward til and, push your lower body forward for moving ahead. So, when you are skating you are using your complete body to keep balanced, keep moving, keep standing on the fitness inline skates and to change directions.

Skating builds strength and muscles in your legs, this is obvious. However, very few people know that skating helps to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shins and hips. Your arms do not really get involved in your skating, but you use them for direction change and balance by shifting your weight so you are building some strength in this part too. Your neck and shoulder muscles are also very much involved in your skating workout.

Your core muscles are located at the midsection of your body. Core muscles include your abs, pelvic floor muscles, and the muscles parallel to your spine. Strengthening these muscle translates into fewer injuries and pain in neck, knee, back and hip. Skating engages all the core muscles rather well. Since you have to balance your complete body by shifting weight, therefore, your core is in constant activity.

Full-body workout by skating is a perfect exercise routine, especially for women. Women mostly have a weak core and workout to strengthen it. Skating is great in this regard because it is low impact and non-rigorous exercise.

2. Increased Balance & Focus

Roller skating exercise is a very effective mental exercise too. Skating needs you to focus on your balance, position along with the path you are following. This trains your mind and improves your balance, perception and coordination. As the mind trains in a fun way, it keeps the memory and creates more brain connection. It increases the grey matter in the brain and the reaction time and alertness increase along.

Another factor contributing to mental health is the feeling of accomplishment and increased self-confidence. As you gradually learn new skating tricks and moves, your self-esteem improves and you gain a feeling of success. These things produce happy hormones in your brain and thus you achieve mental peace. Skating is a great way to battle stress and depression.

3. Muscle Building

The biggest advantage of skating for muscle building is that you do not have to do separate exercises for muscles in different areas of the body. You simply skate and it helps you build muscle in the upper leg, hamstring, hip, quads, thighs, glutes, hamstrings, shins, and calfs. You can also develop and strengthen the muscles of the upper arms because of swinging your arms back and forth while gliding. The important factor is that muscle building comes naturally with skating. There is no extra work or dedicated exercise.

Research shows that fitness inline skates are far more beneficial for muscle building and strength than cycling or running. The reason for this is the involvement of all parts of the body. Another advantage over running is that using fitness inline skates is a low-impact exercise, therefore, it has less effect on your joints and bones.

Increase the muscle building and strength in your legs by bending slightly your knees and transferring your upper body weight on legs. This way the muscles of your legs work more resulting in effective outcomes.

4. Aerobic Exercise Benefits

Aerobic exercises focus on heart rate and lungs work. This is exactly what you achieve through skating. Fitness inline skates make your heart and lungs work harder thus they increase the ability to use more oxygen. Aerobic exercises reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

American heart association recognizes roller skating exercise as an effective aerobic exercise. In fact if you are skating in the open air, then the effectiveness of heart health increases many folds. You are consuming fresh air therefore, the air quality is better.

The benefits of fitness skating as an aerobic exercise increases if you skating down on an incline or by skating vigorously.

Though running is considered a result-oriented aerobic exercise. However, it takes a toll on your joints and bones and you cannot continue with it fr a very long time. In contrast to this roller skating workout is kinder to your bone health.

Interval inline skating workout is also very beneficial for aerobic exercise benefits. In this form of skating you go on fast speed for a while and then take a break or continue at a relaxed pace. This cycle repeats a few times.

5. Low Impact Exercise

Unfortunately, many exercises forms that help your cardiovascular health have effects on your joints. If you run or jog regularly, you have a jarring impact your joints and bones especially knees, ankles and back. We have reported cases of continuously aching legs, sprained ankles or cartilage damage in knees because of high-impact exercises gone wrong.

On the other hand, inline skating workout is a low-impact exercise. According to studies, roller skating exercise provides the same benefits of exercise while producing half the shock to the body as compared to running.

This is especially important for people with compromised one health or previous fractures. As they have to take care of their bones and injuries more. If you are a skilled skater, the risks of the bone problem are fairly low. The falls in skating are inevitable. Therefore, it is very important to learn the right techniques t use while falling or braking.

6. Anaerobic Exercise Benefits

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity exercises of short duration. These exercises depend on using less oxygen and using high energy. These exercises eventually break down glucose for producing the high energy needed. Anaerobic means without oxygen.

You can achieve an anaerobic state by breathing only through your mouth and by taking quick intervals of high-intensity workout for 20 to 30 seconds.

The advantages of anaerobic exercises are muscle toning and strengthening, post-workout calorie burn and metabolism boost. Anaerobic exercises also produce lean muscles by burning fat and calories.

7. Calorie Burn

Running on a treadmill for burning those extra calories in your brownies? Sounds boring? Then try skating as a workout. It is fun, adventures, competitive and low maintenance and low-cost activity. You can burn 285 to 450 calories by inline skating workout for an interval of 30 minutes. The faster or rigorous you go, the more calories you burn.

Since roller skating workout is a low maintenance activity that can be done individually, therefore there are high chances that you would like to grab your fitness inline skates and burn those extra nasty calories.

Roller skating workout has tremendous results in burning fat as well. If you skate regularly and maintain a low-fat diet, you can lose a noticeably fat percentage from your body. This is because skating is a full-body workout. You can engage the areas where large fat deposits are found, for example, your belly.

As you burn calories and fat, eventually you will lose weight. We have cases where people could shed 5-10 kgs in two months. This requires roller skating exercise regularly at least five days a week and maintaining a balanced and low-fat diet. The success and the rate of weight loss depend on your effort too. Faster and rigorous roller skating exercise is more effective.


Is roller-skating a good exercise?

Indeed, it is. Roller skate fitness exercise is an excellent form of workout. It covers maximum aspects of mental and physical health. It trains your mind to increase focus and concentration. While it also produces a sense of achievement and success. These developments increase the production of dopamine chemical in your brain and you remain peaceful.

As for physical health, roller skating exercise programs cover all major forms of physical workout. This includes aerobic and anaerobic exercise, cardiovascular and full-body exercise and muscle building.


If you are looking for a low-impact complete body workout, we highly recommend enrolling in roller skating fitness classes for the best training. Once you are comfortable and skilled with roller skating, you can easily follow this regime throughout your life. A healthy life is a happy life therefore, take care of your body in a fun way to strengthen both your mind and body.