Everything You Need to Know about inline skates A Basic Guide about Types of inline Skates

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Who does not love inline skates to glide, groove, or stunt? If you plan to excite your closer ones with inline skates, then initially understand the type of inline skates as per their skating style. inline skates come in different varieties to accommodate every skater! This detailed article is here to rescue you from the hassle! We will simply guide you about types of inline skates so that you will choose according to your preference or requirement.


Inline skates are a perfect thrilling partner to take on an adventurous ride! inline skating is perceived to be a perfect sport and relaxing technique while exercising professionally or recreationally.      

Inline Skates are intended for multipurpose usage, be it activities like dancing, disco, or riding to school in a fashionable retro style. All this inline ride brings you is budget-friendly long or short trip rides paired with loads of fitness and childhood memories. It is because of the convenience, fun, and thrill connected with inline skating that people like tik tokers still keep it in trend and simply cannot stop purchasing.

Inline skating is a popular sport between all ages and gender. People use it for many purposes, so the manufacturer launches many types of inline skates that cater to various skating types.

This detailed article will guide you about types of inline skates, so let's dive into it.

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1.0. Basic types of inline skates

2.0. Inline Skates

2.1. Hockey skates

2.2. Racing Skates

2.3. Recreational Skates

2.4. Fitness skates

3.0. Indoor Skates

3.1. Jam Skates

3.2. inline Derby Skates

3.3. Artistic Skates

3.4. Rhythm Skates

4.0. Outdoor Skates

4.1. Urban skates

4.2. Freestyle Skates

4.3. Speed skates


5.0. Types of inline skates based on gender

5.1. Men inline skates

5.2. Women inline skates

5.3. Adult inline skates

5.4. Youth

5.5. Kid Skates

6.0. Types of inline skates based on skill level

6.1. Beginners or novice inline skates

6.2. Intermediate inline skates

6.3. Advance inline skates

6.4. Expert inline skates

7.0. Wrapping it up

1. Basic Types of inline skates

There are many types of inline skates available in the market. Some skaters love to skate on  inline skates, and other like to stride on inline inline skates. It up to you; what do you want, or what is the requirement of your skating type?

There are basically three main types of inline skating popular among skaters, which include hard surface skating, indoor skating, and outdoor skating. Experts divide them into more subcategories, but these three are more discussed classification of inline skates.


Inline Skates can be divide into three branches. They are described as hockey skates, racing skates, and recreational skates.  

· Hockey skates:

The hockey skates are designed for sportspeople who want to play inline hockey. inline hockey is a famous game that is derived from ice hockey. In this type of hockey, players wear hockey skates and pushing the inlineblade promptly, and maintaining the speed to enhance their training capability and achieve the goal.

The fast-paced hockey sport has two categories, which are Quad Hockey and Inline Hockey.

· Racing Skates

Speed inline skates are commonly known as race skates. They are designed for marathon enthusiasts and speed lovers. The skaters looking for adventure, speeding, or involvement in intensive training programs, speed inline skates are an excellent choice.

These skates are optimized to use frequently and take on the heavy-duty load. These inline skates are designed with a prolonged frame with a fixed high-ankle shoe supported or rode by five wheels. The inline skates are best suitable for experienced skaters or professionals.

· Recreational Skates

Recreational inline skates are the most common and popular type of inline skates. Recreational inline skates are easy to handle, so you can just strap on and glide smoothly. Recreational skates designed for beginners to intermediate, novice, and casual skaters. You can take a quick ride around the neighborhood, stroll down the local bike trail, or use it for basic fitness.

· Fitness skates

Fitness skates are one of the most common and widely used skates. Fitness Inline skates are best suitable for people who choose skating for fitness or recreational activities purposes. These skates tend to provide utmost comfort, control, and air ventilation in shoes while gliding.  They proved to be the best option to cover long distances.

 They are a version of high-performance recreational skates.  Fitness skates are designed for those skaters who use skating to get in shape or to skate frequently.

3. Indoor Skates

Indoor skates are used indoor, and they are called traditional skates. Indoor skates are usually used for recreational or artistic purposes. The most common indoor skates are jam skates, artistic skates, derby skates, and rhythm skates.

· Jam Skates

These skates are designed and ergonomically crafted, having low-cut from ankle bone to provide maximum room for adequate movement and motion. The purpose of keeping the low cut serves the skater to exhibit his expert footwork skills. This particular feature allows the skaters to move them feet freely and effortlessly during jam skating.  Thus, jam skating is much more fun and effortless than the rest of the quad skating styles.

· roller Derby Skates

The Derby roller skates are much more fun and thrilling sports than jam skates. However, the inline derby ones are designed and created with more padding to increase the skater's protection level from the impact in case of high speeding or skating activities on track.

· Artistic Skates

Artistic skates are designed in classically old-fashioned silhouette style. The same kind comes to the skater's mind when you think of the classical version of inline skates. Artistic quad skates have high cut from the ankle bone, which provides the skaters with excellent ankle support and smooth skating experience.

· Rhythm Skates

Rhythm skating is all about spinning, rolling, moving, and grooving. The rhythm skates share an eerie resemblance with artistic skates as both the skate types are primarily used for dancing and grooving purposes.


4. Outdoor Skates

Outdoor inline skates are specially designed for outdoor skating. It can be freestyle, urban, or street style inline skating. This type of inline skates come in two different varieties.

It can be more classified into the high top or low top inline skates. For beginners or novice skaters, low top inline skates are an excellent option because they provide better support for the foot and ankle. Moreover, low skate boot increases their confidence level that they are near the surface and can't fall.

Outdoor inline skates are specially manufactured for outdoor skating; that's why their wheels are more rigid for uneven surfaces and terrain. Outdoor inline skates are of many types.

· Urban skates:

Urban skates are a hybrid version of aggressive, cross-training and freestyle skates. They are an excellent option for zipping around crowded sidewalks. Urban skates gained popularity in recent years.

The skaters having a thrill interest in street skating, obstacle jumping, or skating in the park opt for these inlineblades.

· Freestyle Skates:

Freestyle skating is usually connected with slalom practices, dancing, and tricks performed both indoors and outdoors. It requires the skaters to make swift movements and glide gracefully to attract the audience's attention. Moreover, skaters are hampered in performing an artistic dance with mesmerizing moves by maneuvering cones, stability, and maintaining balance.

· Speed skates:

Speed skating, more commonly referred to as race wheeling or skating, is all about the fastest speed-driven performance with sharp turns. It requires the skaters to be very precise in selecting specialized outdoor inline speed skates wheel options, which may help to minimize the road resistance during high-speed skating.

Speed skates are commonly known as race skates. They are designed for marathon enthusiasts and speed lovers. The skaters looking for adventure, speeding, or involvement in intensive training programs, speed inline skates are an excellent choice.

These skates are optimized to use frequently and take on the heavy-duty load. These inline skates are designed with a prolonged frame having a fixed high-ankle shoe that is supported or rode by five wheels. The inline skates are best suitable for experienced skaters or professionals.



  1. Types of inlineskates based on gender

Experts classify types of inline skates based on gender. Men and women have different feet sizes, so inline skates manufacturer designed special inline skates for them.

A considerable variety of inline skates are broken up by gender. Now you can find the right pair according to your gender as well.

  • Men inlineskates

As the name shows, men’s models are specially designed according to man’s foot size. Typically, men have a wider foot shape, so the wider fit suits them. Moreover, gender-specific skates have the same size as standard shoe size offer for a specific gender. You can also find and search in adult skates for men sizes and as per skill level.

  • Women inlineskates

Women skates offer a slightly narrower fit and a lower cuff height as compare to men's models. They are specially designed for women.

  • Adult inlineskates

Adult inline skates are suitable for both men and women. Adult inline skates are commonly found in all brands. They are available in a more specific skate range, such as speed or slalom.

Basically, adult skates are made according to men's sizing, but both men and women can use them. If you couldn't find your desired option in the women's range, it's better to look in an adult skate range. Hopefully, you will find the right one.

  • Youth

Youth skates are the same in size and shape. They come in a huge variety and suitable for younger kids or kids, which are between the ages of 8 to 17 years.

  • Kid Skates

Children skates are explicitly designed to take care of youngster skater’s needs, including adjustable size as per their growing foot size, comfort, flexible tip, or heels sometimes. Also, these Children skates come with essential features like wheel size, bearing type, and framing material to consider according to different children skating styles.

Moreover, to mark your little one’s signature style and capturing everyone’s attention while skating, glitter inline skates are an exceptional choice to make them look trendy!

  1. Types of inlineskates based on skill level:

inline skates are available in a huge variety and can be classified as per skill level.

  • Beginners or novice inlineskates

Beginners or novice skaters have no confidence and riding ability. The beginner inline skate range will start with plastic-framed skates, smaller wheels and lower grade bearings. Beginner inline skates provide firm stability, support, and comfort to the beginner level skater.

  • Intermediate inlineskates

This type of inline skates ranges equipped with better components, including frames, bearings, wheels and boots. Intermediate skill level skaters have the experience to glide smoothly with confidence. Thus an intermediate skater should opt for inline skates featured with wheels no more massive than 4x84mm or 3x110mm to keep the speed and control all appropriately aligned.

  • Advance inlineskates

Advanced skaters are experienced and confident in a regular routine. Whichever style of skating they choose, they perform from the heart no matter what the situation or obstacle they face. Advance inline skates equipped with durable frame material, longer fame length, and three or four wheels option.

  • Expert inlineskates

Expert skates are designed for experts, who are master in stride, can glide smoothly forward or back, long or short distances.  Expert skaters deserve high-end performance feature skates that will provide them smooth strides.

  1. Wrapping it up:

Now, you know the types of inline skates on the basis of surface, gender and skill level. inline skates are available in a huge variety and you can opt according to your preference. From speeding to dancing or jumping, inline skates are available wide to make a perfect decision while buying a skate.