Connecting roller skating with fitness and health

When you find a sport that gives you pleasure, sound health and fitness, that’s like 1 shot 3 kills, isn’t it? Roller skating is a sport that is widely popular among people not only because of fun but also it exhibits endurance and strength of the skater. Skating can be done any place the skater wants but to become a skilled skater, one needs to show perseverance and discipline.

Practicing with these mindsets not only helps to become good at skating but also offers enough health benefits for the skater’s body, primarily on legs and thighs.

In this article, we will be introducing a connection of roller skating with fitness and health of humans. 

<H2> Connection of roller skating with fitness and health

Have a look at a glance first-


<H3> 1. Calorie burning (fat burning)

We all know losing weight means one need to burn calories than he consumes regularly. Although there are many ways one can achieve this, not all methods are as healthy as roller skating. Of course, walking and running are the most common paths of calorie-burning, but roller skating is way ahead of these natural exercises as roller-skating helps you to burn your calories way faster.

It is proven that if you do roller skate regularly, you can burn around 300 to 600 calories per hour. You can do this by exercising in both indoor and outdoor. You just need to pick up your roller skates and go out wearing those.

<H3> 2. Easy on the joints

We all know, running and walking are not always done in a steady rhythm. So sometimes these activities pressurize the body joints, and fluid motion gets obstructed, which can have a significant impact on our body by damaging our joints permanently.

Moreover, roller skating are done steadily and smoothly. This helps us to keep the body fluids flowing without any hindrance and reduce the chance of any unwanted situation. In contrast, inline skating are quite fast moving and requires more pressure and balancing.

<H3> 3. Strength Training

Roller-skating builds strength for the skaters. It can do all the things that add up to give a person physical strength. Roller skating can reduce the body fat, decreases the need for jogging and more importantly reduces the chances of diseases. The increase in the immune system does this. Even an athlete can overcome his off-season inactivity by roller skating.

<H3> 4. Build Muscles

Roller-skating is like exercising. From the arms to the legs, almost every part of the body takes part in skating. This builds one’s muscles in areas such as calves, thighs, glutes etc., which results in great body strength. But these things don’t come in a day. You will have to practice regularly for a certain period.

At first, you will feel the burning of your hamstrings, thighs etc. but with the time being you will get a perfect fitness which is close to gym-workout body.

<H3>5. Improves balance

Some people have a natural balance, but many people lack this. Roller skating can help you improve your balance by giving your abdominal and lower-back muscles strength if you feel you don’t have the right balance.

Your body balance can affect your everyday life like walking and playing. Thus you can be assured of the right balance if you start practicing roller skating. 

<H3> 6. Mental Boost

Roller skating helps people to build a stress-free good mood. Stress has become an everyday thing in people’s lives. During roller-skating, skaters get the taste of relaxation. They tend to forget about their difficulties in life while the skate by doing things like listening to music and observing a scenic beauty. Even doctors suggest their patients for building a sports habit parallel to their professional life.

<H3> 7. Strengthen the heart

If you have heart disease, roller skating can be an excellent sport for you. As heart disease is widespread in the USA, and it causes much untimely death, the American Heart Association suggests that doing roller skating can be done to prevent these unwanted situations. Roller skating is an effective aerobic exercise which increases the heartbeat of a person and helps the patient from being another victim of heart disease.

<H3> 8. Endurance

Roller skating not only strengthens our muscle strength, but it also increases our muscle endurance. This form of sport is much more effective to do this, even more than cycling and running. Regular practicing helps a skater to cover much more distance. The irregular skaters, and this actually indicates better health and fitness of him. Thus roller-skating is considered as one of the most endurance building sport. 

<H3> 9. Defeating Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases, and it is rising day by day. This is because of the lifestyles we are living. The American Diabetes Association recommends that two types of physical level activity can be enough to defeat diabetes. These are - training for strength and aerobic exercise. It is no surprise that roller-skating provides both activities to a skater.

Roller-skating has deep connection to decrease the blood sugar level and control the insulin in a better way. As we mentioned earlier, by increasing muscle strength, relieving stress and having been an aerobic exercise, roller-skating implicitly helps one to overcome the diabetes disease also. 

<H3> 10. Makes People Happy

Until now, we have primarily discussed the physical benefits of roller skating, but it has immense mental health benefits too. Roller-skating minimizes pessimism and makes skaters happy by reducing hormones that are not good for humans. In the same time, it enhances the making of ‘happy hormones’ of the body. 

<H3> 11. Social Aspect

Besides all these facets, roller-skating can be a medium for the skaters to communicate with friends and others with the same passion. People meet with others, enjoy different social events with one another. And being social as we all know is actually a part of our health

<H3> 12. Roller-skating Workout

When people think of getting in shape both physically and mentally, we think of many other things than roller-skating fitness workout. But it can be an excellent exercise for you to be fit in both these aspects. If you divide your skating workout session in exercises like crunches, lunges, squats, sit-ups, planks, etc.

<H2> Conclusion

You can easily achieve the body you want while you roller skate. Mentioned exercises will strengthen your muscles and make your body perfect for roller-skating. Try to start with small sessions and gradually push your limits.