Benefits of Rollerblading

Often you might see people on rollerblades along the walkways or free roads. Who knows, knowing the benefits of anything may lead you to buy a rollerblade within next few days. Here I will describe to you the main benefits of Rollerblading.

The major benefits of rollerblading are as follows-

  1. Rollerblading Burns Calories

You have a plan to lose your weight or remove your fatty extension from your belly, rollerblading is the best choice to start. Thinking about effective method of burn your calories? To lose weight, you need to burn calories. Walking or running are great ways to burn calories. But, you did not find it interesting or exciting.

What else you can do? Didn’t you find any solution in an exciting way?

I think, rollerblading is the best solution for you. You have 2 options available for rollerblading- indoor and outdoor rollerblading.

Its common that, average 9-10 calories per minute burns when you are on rollerblades. You can burn from 400 to 600 calories from an hour rollerblading event.

According to Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound can burn around 913 calories within one hour of rollerblading event. Jogging of 5 mph or walk at 3.5 will burn around 584 calories for jogging and 277 calories from running activity for same person with same duration.

  1. Better for health of heart

For your information, the American Heart Association identifies rollerblading is an effective aerobic exercise which make stronger heart.

Another study revealed that, rollerblading at limited speed increases heart rate 140-160 beats/minute, whereas highest speed rollerblading results up to 180 beats/minute. So, we can easily say that Rollerblading is one of the best exercise for heart.

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  1. Rollerblading for happiness

When you do rollerblading, it’s hard to show an unhappy face. Sports like rollerblading, gives us joy and happiness. Rollerblading is an exciting sport that surely give you the happiness.

  1. Increases self-confidence

Self-confidence will grow when you participate in different rollerblading events which will give you a sense of accomplishment. Self-confidence is one of the factor that influence other activities of your everyday life.

  1. Remove stress from your life

When you got stressed, every activity feels like a boring task. So, remove your stress with rollerblading along with your friends or community circle or same age group.

  1. Can be done anywhere

If you find any smooth surface, you can do it! Though street is the most common track for rollerblading.

  1. Better stamina from Rollerblading

Getting fit, muscle strength is a must. Therefore, any physical exercise surely give you the strength of your muscle.

We know that, leg muscle is the largest muscle of our body. Muscle flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of rollerblading.

Think again, rollerblading requires a lot of upper leg muscles, buttocks, hips and lower back muscle engagement, even if you are running in a treadmill or biking. This significantly works up the muscles of your body, helping to develop strength and maintain your posture with greater balance. 


  1. Strengthen the joints

Rollerblading offers you with fluid motion. It will help you to keep you from damaging your joints.

A research from University of Massachusetts revealed that, rollerblading or skating results less than 50% of the joint shock impact compared to running.

In short, rollerblading activity has the exact the same benefit as we got from jogging, only without the joint damage.


  1. Make friends via Rollerblading events

Rollerblading events are nowadays common around you or not. If not, then there is a chance to get together rollerbladers to make new friends. Make this event socially reachable that can many people can join the event to make this event as social activity.

  1. Cross Training Exercise

Nowadays, it is a necessary trend that use roller blades to walk. So, rollerblading can be a perfect way to enjoy the advantages of jogging. Add a little excitement and variety to your routine through rollerblading. Rollerblading is also great for disabled runners.

  1. Improving Balance and Co-ordination

Rollerblading is a perfect way to strengthen your posture. Please make sure, you keep a stable center to stay upright on your roller skates. An extreme change in your balance can come from integrating this with the action of your legs.


  1. Combined sync of arms and legs

It is a combined sync of exercise among arms and legs. A sync of arms and legs moves the full body in a speedy way in a mood of full body workout. So, balancing arms and legs in a synchronized way helps to keep active the full body.


  1. Works against Diabetes

Rollerblading or rollerskating is known as one of the great aerobic exercise around you. If you are a diabetes patient, then rollerblading can control your insulin level. In addition, heart, bones and joints got more strength from it.

The doctors endorse or recommend diabetes patient to ensure at least 30 minutes of less to moderate aerobic exercise from 4 to 5 times per week, which will actually help in controlling diabetes.

  1. Take fresh air

Today’s world is busy with full of tasks and work. It’s easy to take some fresh air in your busy life from rollerblading activity. Why not you are preparing yourself to do that?

So, from above you got about 14 major benefits that will have a positive impact on you for rollerblading activity. I know that, now you have more keen interest on rollerblading.


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