7 Benefits of Rollerblading that can Change your Life in 2021

A wise idea to perform such activities outdoors. The best option is to remember how you make fun of using skates during your school times with your friends.

Yes, it is the right time to get back to such activity using roller-blades. Try to perform it daily for some minutes to reap the advantages of a good cardio exercise.


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An Intro to Roller blades

What are the Notable Benefits of Rollerblading?

1) Muscle Building

2) Improves Confidence and Mood

3) Burning the Calories

4) Better Coordination and Balance

5) Safer for Joints

6) Alternative to Aerobic Workouts

7) Helps in Living Happy Life!

How to Use Rollerblading for your Weight Loss Regime?

How to Get the Full Benefits of Rollerblading? (Necessary Precautions)

  1. a) Helmets:
  2. b) Protective Gears:
  3. c) Comfortable Fitness Inline Skates:
  4. d) Safe Surroundings:
  5. e) Avoid Dehydration:

Final Thoughts



An Intro to Roller blades

If you are among individuals who do not know about skating , you might also not know Rollerblades or Inline Skates. These are modern form of skates having their wheels either three or four arranged in one row.

Hockey players used roller hockey skates for the first time as their off-season conditioning tool! They are in practice since the 1700s but finally gain worldwide acceptance in 1900.

After some time, the rollerblade inline skates were used by more professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. People come to know about its benefits for our health. It can be compared to what can be achieved during running, muscle-building, or calorie-burning exercises.


What are the Notable Benefits of Rollerblading?

Today moving on speed inline skates is not about a stylish hobby but being a modern way to gain the following benefits;

1) Muscle Building

We need to perform side-to-side movement while performing Rollerblading. So it helps our body do the workout that further helps us build better muscle other than running. After all, its natural movement includes almost all muscle groups of our lower body parts like glute muscles and inner thigh.

If you perform both backward and forward skating one by one, it can help strengthen calf muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings. You can also make your core and arms stronger by swinging the arms while performing skating motion.

So, you will surely get the benefits of strengthening these muscle groups and nearby tendons, ligaments, and joints. It can be achieved if you have a habit of enjoying doing your rollerblading for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day!


2) Improves Confidence and Mood

Most of us are always busy in our lives and facing depression, anxiety, and stress. Now to tackle it, many prefers to take a ride on bikes to get out of ti and feel refreshing!

A better way is to perform rollerblading since it is environment-friendly, save your money on fuel, and use this time to gain health benefits. You can definitely feel a sense of freedom while hovering on roads on your adult inline skates. It will release good hormones such as endorphins and remove bad ones.

Similarly, after some experience and practice, you can play with it and enjoy more fun with having wheels under your foot! So anyhow, it will boost your confidence to do more that can also reflect on your other daily activities!

3) Burning the Calories

It has been found that either you run for an hour or do rollerblade, the number of calories that you will burn in both the cases is almost equal. These differences can also cope up by skating at a faster pace or uphill!

There is a recommendation from the American Heart Association. It is that a healthy adult should get a cardio exercise of a minimum of 150 minutes each week. So should include rollerblading training to get more benefits with fun activities!

It’s a kind of cardio exercise that leaves a lower impact on our body (for example, no extra pressure on joints). But, offers benefits much like high-cardio exercise, or something that is low weight or low load-bearing.

Cardiovascular activities are necessary for our bodies in everyday life. By doing this, you can control the appetite and get a sound sleep! You can also maintain body fat and get rid of any chronic disease, including diabetes or heart disease, as per Mayo Clinic.

It also stated that you could enhance your stability and balance by working on the core muscles. It includes the abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis. A stronger core means you can better perform your daily work like lifting and carrying items from one place to a different one without any issues!

4) Better Coordination and Balance

The center of mass of your body continuously changes when you move on rollerblades. So muscles will start memorizing these positions. They automatically react in coordination to keep your body well-balanced while you are on outdoor or indoor inline skates.

So this will also improve your balance and coordination while you are barely footed. Your body will be well-trained to quickly handle any uneven activity that happened with you in practical scenarios.

5) Safer for Joints

If you are a regular Gymmer and workout on the treadmill regularly for a long time, you need to be careful. It is because many experts say that it is not a healthy activity for our knee joints.

After all, our legs keep moving at a constant pace for a long time, which can be harmful to us! Now, if we consider Rollerblading, then it is found to be safer for your joints even than running if you do not perform foot strike on each stride.

As per a related study on the University of Massachusetts, the impact of rollerblading on our joints is about half o running. So it is a good option for doing low-impact muscle-building and cardio exercise if you are already suffering from hip or knee injuries.




6) Alternative to Aerobic Workouts

If you daily use Rollerblades to coast on the wheels, you will reap more aerobic workout benefits than cycling. But, it would be a bit lesser than what you can gain from running.

Yet, as stated before, the aerobic benefits can be increased further. It is possible by rollerblading at a faster pace or uphill skating and burn more calories. If you get tired, you can skate at a steady and slow pace and cover long distances like this to build your endurance.

7) Helps in Living Happy Life!

If you think like exercising is boring, then rollerblading is a good replacement activity! It can help to enjoy moving with the winds and exploring different scenes in front of your eyes while the time you are burning your calories!

Rollerblading can activate and leave a positive impact on many muscles of our body. They include obliques, rectus abdominis, adductors, quadriceps, and Gluteal muscles. The best part of rollerblading is that it can burn some calories and convert the fat into muscles.

A proper diet with a healthy routine workout, including some minutes of rollerblading! All you need is this, to be fit and healthy both from inside and outside! It can make you think positively and be a pleasant personality. You will have enough fitness levels to work hard, push the limits, and attain the set goals!

You do not to be a professional skater to get such benefits. Try to get a pair of comfortable inline skates indoor for a start for you, learn, and practice to have fun on it that will automatically work in burning your calories. By the way, you can also enjoy spending some time with yourself or meditate for your peace of mind while rollerblading!

By being on skates, you can move through different streets and even meet with your friends and relatives. In this way, you will be more socially active that exercising one place and being busy all day in your work!

You can prevent your diabetes by taking the benefits of both aerobic exercises and strength training from it. This activity can maintain insulin levels, so improving good cholesterol and reduce blood glucose!


How to Use Rollerblading for your Weight Loss Regime?

As per a report of Harvard Health Publishing, after rollerblading for 30 minutes, it will burn calories in a range of 210 to 311 as per your body's weight. You might be currently on a weight loss routine! If yes, as per Cleveland Clinic, if you want to lose half a pounds every week, you need to burn about 250 calories every day.

It can be done by performing either one or more physical activities that can contribute together to offer cardio benefits. Now you might know what they are, like running, exercise, or rollerblading!

If you want to burn about 250-350 calories in just 30 minutes, you can either achieve it with bicycling at 12-14 mph or running at 5mph. By the way, if you are an athlete or engage in any sports activities daily, then you can better use sports direct roller skates while playing your sport. It comprises tennis, soccer, sledding, racquetball, or ice-skating to add more benefits to your daily routine.

As per the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, inline skating is to do leisurely to vigorous-intense workouts. You can control this by skating at a different pace.

You can also increase the rollerblading’s intensity by avoiding coasting. So, continuously stride by lowering the upper body and bending your knees, as per Healthier, Michigan!

It also states that you can Rollerblade as fast as possible and slow down to maintain a pace. Repeat this, again, and again, to do HIIT(High-intensity interval training), or as interval blading! As per an average of some studies published in Frontiers in Physiology in 2018, HIIT plays a big role in enhancing aerobic performance.

After trying this method on obese and overweight people, it was found that they have reduced visceral fat and see a loss in their body weight. It has been confirmed by a report of Medicine in Science and Sports Exercise published in 2018.




How to Get the Full Benefits of Rollerblading? (Necessary Precautions)

Rollerblading is a fun activity, but it has to be performed with proper precautions to avoid dangers like wearing protective gears. Here are some recommendations;

  1. a) Helmets:

You can get one specially designed for skateboarders or professional inline skates to protect our head from backward fall. You need to use it of the right size so that it can fit your head correctly as well as the chip strap is held tight before you start your adventure.

  1. b) Protective Gears:

You should use wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and mouth guards. It will save your mouth and teeth from any accidental fall, and even to make sure your fingers will not be harmed, you can use light gloves. So in this way, you can make your ride comfortable and safe. Hence, you can do it for a long time without facing any problematic or possible risks of harming the body.

  1. c) Comfortable Fitness Inline Skates:

Choosing the right rollerblades also matters the most, it must have reliable ankle support. You can test by feeling the plastic used to make its boot. It should not be squeezed; otherwise, it might fail to save your ankles from any harms.

  1. d) Safe Surroundings:

Always choose a safer place to enjoy rollerblading. It should be free of rocks, sticks, and relatively smoother to make a comfortable trip. You need always keep eyes on the changes happening on-road as well as nearby surroundings. Take care that your activity will not disturb or harm others. You should be careful about the running traffic if you like to cruise on the roads.

  1. e) Avoid Dehydration:

Ensure you have hydrated your body before starting rollerblading or carrying a water bottle with you on the trip. It is because rollerblading can make you feel like doing any intense cardiovascular workouts. Hence, it can make you sweat more that will cause dehydration.

As per the related statement of the American Council on Exercise, it is best to drink water for two hours before starting the exercise. The quantity should be about 17 to 20 ounces.

During the workouts, you can take drink breaks from activities after every 10-20 minutes. It is necessary to hydrate your body with 7-10 ounces of water. After the completion of your workout session, you should check your body weight.

Further, comparing the number with the one that you have noted before starting the exercise. You will be compensated for each pound of bodyweight that you had lost during this session by drinking water of about 16-24 ounces.




Final Thoughts

Now you are well aware of the specific benefits of rollerblading! But, if you haven’t tried it before, then first learn the basics and practice it. It is better to do something other than nothing!

You can share this post to more and more people to care about how beneficial the freestyle inline skates is to our lives and well-being! The more people will know about this, the sooner a fashion will come when we can again see people in skates on streets and beaches. It would possibly be something that was caught on trends in the 90s!

Additionally, if skating is your childhood or past hobby, then it’s time to repeat history! It doesn’t matter how older you are at present, since health risks are always there!

Do you ever want your child to engage in any fun-to-do physical activity than putting on their calories while playing video games in one place? If yes, then gift them a nice set of inline roller skates! It can spin their mind from the enjoyment virtual to reality sports to perform some spins full of health advantages.

You might be avoiding Gyms due to the current pandemic situation, so why not continue managing your body's fitness on either womens or mens inline skates? Be a trendsetter by initiating it from yourself so that others will also inspire with this modern workout session!